Shawna Craig

I'm a girl like all others. I have gone through horrible just like everyone and much like everyone and much like everyone I have a story. My story is one of pain, anguish and how that doesn't have to define my story.


I live life as a social butterfly scared to be around others due to all the trauma I have had in life. And much like others I have learned to coop through the years. Abused by my mother, in a time where this was somehow acceptable. To not being raised knowing my father until I was 12 so can we say Daddy Issues?


Well ya, so then mid teens everything was stolen from me, everything I held in high regard taken as if was nothing and from that point forth nothing truly mattered and for years lived in a world of believing I did something wrong. Not going to deny some days this still plagues me.
Started my career in wholesale distribution in my early twenties and had worked my butt off over the years, through the ranks and put blood sweat and tears into the company. Loving my co-workers, and so many of my customers stepping down from my management position that I worked the last 15 years for was one of the hardest decisions of my life. But with lockdowns, uncertainty of schooling in spring of 2020 I had to decide what was best for my family. And will not deny it was one of the best decisions of my life.


At 24 I found my faith and at 26 it was stolen as quick as I received. While I still have faith today it is surely not what it once was and surely doesn't define me.


The light of my life was born (my daughter) she pulled me out of a dark place one I had no understanding of and later would attempt consume me. And she has always been there reminding me of the good in the world. She to this day and all days has and will be my greatest accomplishment.


Now being a second grader in the world of TikTok, COVID and online schooling she is dedicated to understanding content creation like her momma. She loves trying to understand viewers and their wants and how she can provide a fun atmosphere for the channel she will one day have.


While this is just a potion of who I am, know more than anything I'm an open book you just have to be willing to know that there is a lot of darkness on the way to the light. I hope I can help you in what ever stage of light you are in cause I can't promise I might need a hand when I inevitably fall into the darkness again.


The best version of who I want to be.

more coming soon, I was just to tired to keep going. just sayin